life is a Gift and so are all its Creatures and manifestations.
in Nature an infinite set of Gifts satisfies an infinite set of Needs.
human relationships that grow in Gift are true and full of Beauty.
the more true a relationship is, the more conflict-free it is.

such evidences are before your eyes.


There is a very simple and natural, humane and harmonious way to satisfy your needs by using less and less money. It is a viable way now and quite different from what the current development model proposes.

You can begin today a concrete but gradual transition to an evolutionary model that creates the Human Community founded on Giving.

From December 2021 in Switzerland and in Italy several Networks of Giving are a reality.

You have numerous kind of Gifts that you can offer such as talent, knowledge, help, goods, services, and you have material and immaterial Needs to satisfy. Instead of spending money in the economic system, as you have always been accustomed on doing, there is a powerful alternative that actually satisfies an increasing number of Needs, simply by offering Gifts.

In a large group in which all members donate, the members themselves are receiver by satisfying their Needs.

In a Giving Network, which is an invitation-only Telegram group, you only have to offer your GIFTS and express your NEEDS by simply writing them down.

Over time the Networks will grow in number, each will have more members and offer more Gifts, so all members will be able to satisfy a larger number of Needs. All without using money. For each Need satisfied in the Network, thanks to the offeredGifts, you will have not spent money in the System.

The Net reflects the functioning of Nature, which manifests itself as an infinite set of Gifts that satisfy an infinite set of Needs, that's why it works, but only if you get active and start Giving!

It only depends on you, that is, on how firm your intention is to evolve to create the new and free humanity in which you will donate talents, skills, goods and services as a model of satisfaction of your own Needs.

The Economy of Giving is so simple, beautiful and efficient, although, the small conditioned mind will begin to find obstacles and suggests that it cannot be the immediate and powerful alternative to the perverse System you have created and fed, so called neo-liberalism.

Listening to that little mind we would lose the infinite spaces of the Soul and remain in the prison we have built for ourselves by assigning blame to others. Thus the System we complain about would prolong its disharmonious function and we would remain its victims.

If, on the other hand, we are ready for the simplest, most efficient and immediate solution there is, wewould show self-confidence and take concrete action in the Giving, every day, and tell others about it so that our local networkswould grow.

On May 2022:

- Rossella listens to her Thinking Heart and writes: "this project is as light as a feather: you have no obligations, no duties in the current sense while I think it makes you free to be as you are, without veils, free to offer and receive without formality; thinking about it gives the idea of lightness, of altruism, of humanity."

- Stefania manifests her Soul and writes: "I talked to many people today about this and the more I talked, the closer and closer I came to the unreachable beauty of the gift network."

How it works

How it works

Many local Networks of Giving create a large Network that we call the Economy of Giving: the new emerging human Community that wants to gradually leave the money system.

In your local Network, which is an invitation-only Telegram group, you can post your Gifts and Needs every day and Life will match them with those of other members.

The more the members of the Network are numerous and active, the better the Network is at meeting their Needs.

When we travel we can connect to any network, without borders and wherever there is one, because they all work the same way.

There is no cost to access a Giving Network because it is already ours: we bring it to life when we participate in it with Responsibility to share the Value that we are.

The Gift Economy creates a Global Human Network that invites us to increasingly replace money with Gift and redesigns relationships in an harmonious sense because it frees them from power. It does not compete with other groups but creates for them a new operating context in which each one's energies are united and enhanced with those of the others. When you participate in a Network you choose the simplest and most authentic way to satisfy your Needs by giving life to relationships of pure Beauty.

We can bring humanity back into your relationships as Nature envisages and redesign the world within and outside ofourselves in a concrete, peaceful and immediate way, in the Gift.

How to participate

Currently, the Giving Economy with all its local networks uses the Telegram app.

You can join a local Network or open one in your area if there is none:

- find out how on the DONARE Telegram channelby a click here

- if you want to communicate this project to your contacts abroad, you can share this global site and a Telegram channel DONARE by click here.

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